Thursday, March 27, 2014

You can do anything, but not everything

I'm the kind of person who likes to change my wallpaper on my phone and on my computer very frequently. I change it for different holidays, when seasons change, and just when I feel like it.

Recently I discovered Design Love Fest and the awesome Dress Your Tech posts Bri has. If you're anything like me (girly, modern-ish, glass-half-full) and like to change your backgrounds often, your search for the perfect design blog to find backgrounds is over. I seriously downloaded probably half of the images she has in the Dress Your Tech series. I am not kidding.

I don't have my phone set to use the iCloud at all, so I wasn't able to use one of the awesome new backgrounds on my phone until just a few days ago when I finally plugged it into my computer. And then I didn't even think about changing the background until today. As I was looking through all my new downloads I saw this gem.

Dress Your Tech 31
I have had a very stressful week (just ask my face and her awesome breakout) and seeing this made me just take a breath and remind myself that "I can do this!" "This" being getting a project done for my Techniques of Counseling class, and even more-so, passing the TExES exam to become a certified early childhood-6th grade teacher. I signed up for my test on the ETS website about a month ago, but didn't find good study material until this Monday and my test is tomorrow (Friday). In order to get all my studying done, I've had to commandeer the living room in such a way that Thomas has had to wear headphones almost constantly or just leave to go to a friends house (because I cannot study with noise around me). I feel pretty good about it now since I took over the house all day Tuesday and Wednesday. I still have Mount Vesuvius on my cheek, though.

Besides feeling like spring break came way too late in the semester, leaving me no time to get everything done before my finals on April 21st and 24th, I also have recently been remembering this time last year. I was still anxiously awaiting letters from grad schools that I knew I wouldn't get into and was a little lost. I soon found the school counseling program at LCU and became infatuated. I got into school here in Lubbock and settled into my new future. I was adamant with anyone that asked that I was okay with the fact that I would no longer be doing speech pathology (something I'd wanted to do for 10 years before changing course). Now that I am reminiscing on what was going on last spring, though, I am kind of mourning the future I could have had if I had gotten into a speech pathology grad program. I really love my counseling classes, and am very eager to begin my career as a school counselor, but I also miss that I was going to wear scrubs every day and that I was going to help kids' speech and language every day, specifically working with kids on the spectrum or with hearing loss. I still think communication is amazing and I love learning about it, but I can't do everything. I can't be a counselor and a speech therapist. And I'm learning to be truly okay with that. 

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